Galaxy s4 rom 7.1

Megafon, Beeline, Galaxy Tab galaxy s4 rom 7.1 7. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 for like 5 years for now? Before you proceed One thing to note is that the AOSP ROM currently only supports these Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Models.

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Don’t know what Model your Table is? Also, your Galaxy Tab 2 should be running on the latest bootloader in order to flash this ROM. So please cross-check that before proceeding. Those who own a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 but haven’t rooted or installed A Custom Recovery On It Yet. What Are You Doing With Your Life? Lol Jk, Check Out these tutorials. The screenshots provided above are the sample ones.

Better Wifi Reception In Some Models. Stock Camera App Might Not Work On Some Models. Please Comment More If You Find Other Bugs. Find More About Android N 7. The ROM was originally posted on XDA Forums and like the name suggests, Is an Open Source Project. ROM is based on an Open Source Code.